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"Love this kit. The exercise mat is so durable. Love the different strengths of the bands!"

Patton Verified Buyer

"...Absolutely stunning mat love that it stays put and doesn't slide around when doing a workout. Love my FitOn workout set!"

Laura Verified Buyer

"Totally love love love my lot! Gorgeous colors and I use my mat for every workout every morning!!"

Nicki Verified Buyer

"... its very pretty and definitely a mood booster to get going on you're workouts... it is great quality stuff! for a reasonable price!"

Lucero Verified Buyer

Two Premium Color Options in Your Kit

Northern Lights

Summer Sunset

  • Designed by Trainers
  • Machine Washable
  • Slip Resistant / Better Grip
  • Fashionable Colors
  • High Quality Materials

Old Stinky Mat

  • Designed by Manufacturers
  • Manual Wipe Down
  • No Grip
  • Basic Styles
  • Cheap Materials
  • Designed by Trainers
  • Machine Washable
  • Slip Resistant
  • Fashionable Colors
  • High Quality Materials

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FitOn Mat

Designed with self-care in mind - your everyday mat that wraps you in softness.


Mat Color: Summer Sunset

No Smell

Biodegradable Materials

High End Design

Made to Travel

Work Out Anytime. Anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get Your FitOn Mat made of?
Our mats are made of recycled plastic microfiber and natural tree rubber.
What is the thickness of the Get Your FitOn Mat?
Our mats are 3.5 mm thickness and about 5 pounds (2.3 kg). Cushioned for comfort to protect your bones & joints.
How big is the Get Your FitOn Mat?
Our mats are 70 in x 24 in (178 cm x 61 cm)
What workouts can I do with the Get Your FitOn Mat?
The Get Your FitOn Mat is an anti-slip mat offering premium grip on the mat whether wet or dry. Our mats are suitable for any kind of fitness program.
Can I wash the Get Your FitOn Mat?
Yes, they are machine washable but must be hung dried (do not put in the dryer).
Are your products free of toxic chemicals?
The Get Your FitOn mat does not contain PVC, silicone or phthalates.
What is the weight resistance of each resistance band?
1 Light (15-25 lbs), 1 Medium (25-35 lbs), 1 Heavy (35-45 lbs)
What are the FitOn resistance bands made out of?
Our bands are made of polyester and latex.
How big is the Hydrate Me Bottle?
17oz = 10.4” x 2.8", 0.7 lbs
What is the Hydrate Me Bottle made of?
Our bottle is made of stainless steel and keeps drinks hot or cold, for longer. BPA/BPS-free.